Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Pause For Thought.

If I'm honest, the last couple of sessions in my quest have been uneventful, I've been experimenting with rigs and not keeping to the path I know will eventually land my prize, we all do it, things don't click and we stray from the path. The fact that I have new rods also guarantees a couple of blanks.
 There have been a few un-fishy highlights though, the good Lady did pack me the best food parcel on the lake, much to the delight ( and a tad of jealousy me thinks ) of my angling mates.
It's also that time of year when dawn arrives with atmospheric photogenic mists..

With the rise in temperature, so comes the bug life magically emerging and thriving, the Dragonfly lava crawling from their watery abode to cast off their aquatic attire and fly free, as if touched by some miraculous power..the power of nature.

I'll be back on the bank soon enough, but have been away on a break in the delightful county of Dorset.
The Cerne Giant seemed pleased to see us !!!
Durdle Door is a place I've always been keen to visit and it didn't disappoint, it is a truly breathtaking wonder of nature, if a bit of a mission to visit.

Onwards to the National Trust owned village of Corfe with its majestic ruined Castle atop the hill.

A fine time was had and it was nice to relax in the evening overlooking Weymouth Bay.
Now back to the angling...........