Wednesday, 21 April 2010

7 Things You Should Take Fishing In France.

The Intrepid Piscator You've worked all year and you've booked yourself a nice trip to France for a weeks fishing.Yes,you have all the tackle and bait sorted,but what have you forgotten? Well here are a few items that may make your trip go a little bit easier.
1) A European Enabled Sat-Nav System - I know us fellas all think we can read maps and know the way everywhere,but trust me,when your going around The Paris Periphery,and it's rush hour with lunatic motorcyclists tearing about and you need to know what lane to be in.The Sat-Nav is a godsend.
2) A Bait Boat - Some call it heresy,but I reckon that even old Dick Walker would've used one in certain situations.On a trip to France you don't have months to build up a picture of the lake bed using a marker float.Bait boat,echo sounder a couple of hours...job done.Wether you choose to deposit your baits with it is entirely up to you.
3) European Health Insurance Card - Even if you have Travel Insurance,things will be a lot easier, quicker and possibly cheaper with one of these if the worst happens.Details here.
4) An Open Mind - Don't go abroad thinking you are going to catch lots of massive fish every day. You will only be putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Go without preconceptions,chill out,enjoy yourself and then, just maybe, you might catch a whacker.
5) 'Entente Cordiale' - I have found time and time again in my travels abroad that a little diplomacy works wonders. Don't expect the French people to speak English.Even if you attempt to converse in their language badly,it will be appreciated. Take a phrase book to aid in such things as shopping for food, and a bottle of English wine for use when that friendly "Garde du Peche" fellow passes by. This effort can bring big rewards as I found out once when a local told me that there were huge Catfish to be had in the local stretch of river..(I caught one of 106 lb from the very spot).
6) Feeder/Float Rod - Carp and Catfishing can be a waiting game, and what better way to pass those runless hours than fishing for other species.Who knows what you may catch from Pumpkinseed to Ide. A piece of bread or a dug up worm is all you need for bait.
7) Good Friends & Family - Don't go abroad with a bunch of herberts you hardly know. It's no fun being a long way from home when you're not enjoyong yourself. Good mates,family,weather,food,drink,laughter and perhaps a few fish = good times.

Go now,relax.....enjoy.


  1. What a great post, it should be printed for everybody who goes fishing abroad.

    I really enjoy reading it.

  2. Thank you sir,I appreciate your comment.

  3. I have been enjoying this blog a lot since finding it Gurn,keep up the good work.

    With regards to your 'Entente Cordiale
    I could not agree more.

    keep up the blog,it makes for great reading.

  4. Thanks Mark,I enjoy writing this blog very much and hope to continue for a long while.Hopefully it will become a good source of reference for myself as well as others.It's always nice to know that your efforts are appreciated....regards Gurn

  5. Thanks Gurn, off to France in October, not for the lakes but a cottage on a river. Great tips.

    I'm getting through your blog bit by bit!