Thursday, 29 April 2010

Full Of The Joys of Spring

The Intrepid Piscator There are times when one fishes which, fortunately for me, are joyous enough without the appearance of a fish.
I found myself aside a venue this week in search of a double figure Tench,which on the face of it,is optimistic to say the least.I haven't actually caught a Tench of any description this year,the blank being sometimes inevitable when one targets large fish on tricky venues.With excuses out of the way then,I have to admit to enjoying myself thoroughly.
It's always nice to catch up with the local anglers on a lake you haven't thrown a bait in for a while.I love the sense of kinship between fellow fishers, who have been on similar quests.
With the rods out,just to be sitting,eating and chatting with these seasoned piscators reminded me of the reasons,other than the fish,that we indulge in this pastime.
It didn't seem so long ago that I sat on this lake alone,freezing,trying to extract a fish from between the ice,and yet there I was,now,surrounded by the joys of Spring.
The Greater Spotted Woodpecker tapped out its manic percussion and for a moment my mind drifted back to the avian headbangers of France.After a while I was given the pleasure of my first (English) Kingfisher of the year as it flashed past my pitch,giving out it's high pitched call as it went,and I know that every other I see this year will give me the same joy.
As dusk drew in I was gifted a fine aerobatic display from the large colony of local bats, I'm no expert but there were two different species, one large(Horseshoe?),one small(pipistrelle?),feasting on the ever increasing insect life.
Then, onwards to sunset,they are all different and all special.A Tench rolled over my was to be the only one I saw.


  1. Gurn, that tench will come and your attitude is spot on, I am sure it will be rewarded. As I have to remind myself (often) there is more to fishing than catching fish.

  2. Thanks Dave,I have that famous latin phrase inscribed on my hip flask to remind me...regards Gurn