Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sorting...Not Reporting!

The Intrepid Piscator With the rapid encroachment of the trip to France I guessed that I ought to start sorting my Carp fishing gear out this week, it hasn't been used since late November.The ground sheet of my bivvy was still caked in Redmire mud and I took it outside to be cleaned, I returned to find some dodgy builders from next door walking off with it.They were met with a loud "Oi" and it was duly retrieved.

The home looks like someone has thrown a grenade into the tackle shop and I am gradually discovering that I already have all the items of tackle I have purchased in the last week or so at home.
Bait has been delivered,rigs are being tied and weather reports are being studied.

All this,and the return of the rubbish weather has meant that I was unable to fish this week.I did walk around the lake on bailiff duty,you guessed it...empty..not an angler to be seen,although it wasn't very inviting with large black clouds above.

Oh well,back to it,mustn't forget to pack the kettle (or Steve,as I call it !!)


  1. Blimey, 70Ib Carp.
    Bonne chance mon ami!

  2. Thank you sir,If I hook him I will need all the luck I can get.