Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Bait - HNV versus Particles

The Intrepid Piscator Let's imagine that an angler sponsored by a bait company catches a newsworthy Carp or Tench on a piece of sweetcorn.How many of them do you think would admit it?,and how many would say that it was caught on his sponsors latest bait? Of course it is impossible to answer but can we consider that a lot more fish are caught on high pressured waters on particles than are publicised?
I know for a fact that many fish are caught from the so-called "Circuit Waters" on nothing more than Tiger Nuts or Maize.Does this then blow Fred Wiltons HNV theory (described here by Paul Selman) out of the water?
Why do Carp and Tench keep getting caught on baits of little nutritional value?...I have a few thoughts on this..Many say that the fish just love the crunch of Tiger Nuts,Maize and Hemp,but why? The answer is obvious,because they think they're that common natural food....Snails..Snails of course have a high nutritional value.With this in mind,is it possible that the fish are being duped? If the fish are also eating HNV boilies,it is acceptable to believe that they don't actually know which bait is the one providing them with their nutritional needs so they keep eating both.This of course suggests that like humans,fish will eat whatever is easiest and most plentiful and therefore that mass pre-baiting will pay off whatever the nutritional value.
The point of all this waffle, is that this year, for my Tench and Carp fishing,I will use one rod with a HNV boilie and one with particles.
I will of course keep a tally of captures,so the proof of the pudding, will indeed, be in the eating.

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