Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Angling Close Season

The Intrepid Piscator In some peoples eyes, fishing in the old close season is a spurious pastime.Whilst I embrace the river shutting down for a few months to let nature take its course,I will be fishing on at the stillwaters that allow me to.
How then can I justify this to them that scoff? Well,I guess that the hardcore traditionalist will not be turned and I respect their principles.However,In my humble opinon there are just as many pro's as cons.
In my experience river fish actively spawn in the close season.How many times have we viewed the numbers of Barbel and Chub doing what comes naturally on the gravel areas,only for them to do the old vanishing act come the "glorious 16th".On the stillwater though it seems to me that these species spawn well into the new season when in fact the banks are at there busiest,especially if the lake has been closed.To my mind this makes a close season on stillwaters worse for the fish than if it had stayed open.
A sad fact on closed waters is the chance that valuable fish stocks will be taken,either by fish thieves to be place in other waters or to be eaten for Sunday lunch.Anglers fishing all year,and who care for the lakes stock are security for such fish.
From a more selfish point of view the tackle trade benefits enormously from all year anglers and where would you be without your local tackle shop?
There you have it then,for good or bad I will be fishing on,and while there's no law against it,I hope you do too.

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