Tuesday, 2 March 2010

KC and the Sunshine Band

I was wakened by the sound of a Wood Pigeon cooing on the roof of a nearby house,I'd had a lay-in and a text from my girlfriend read"you have a beautiful day for fishing at last" so I looked out of the window to confirm and the sky was blue.Photobucket
I arrived at the lake to find two other vehicles,this hadn't happened in a while and the law of sod dictated that the swim I had designs on was taken.I hastily set up at the shallow end of the lake figuring that the water would get warmer,quicker.The swim I sat in is very picturesque and looks out towards "Pampas Point" at the other end of the lake,with two small islands a short cast away.PhotobucketPhotobucket
I cast into the open water between the islands and stripped down to my t-shirt,donned my shades and sat back feeling the warmth on my face.All was serene,the coots argued,the birds sang louder than I'd heard this year and even insects flew above the steaming vegetation.This Utopian scene was abruptly ended when, SPLOOOSH,from the other side of the right island,like an excocet missile.A Method feeder landed no more than 20feet from my bait,so,the dilemma was,did I stay and hope the fish move in or move to the other end of the lake to Pampas Point where I'd been fishless on the last two occassions?Loud voices coming from the other side of the island made my mind up and I was off.
On my way around the lake I saw a Carp angler launch a large lead into the lake,I kept walking.
Finally at the point I had some degree of privacy,albeit colder than the shallows and shortly after casting had a twitchy bite resulting in a Roach of about 10 oz.This is the first fish I'd landed in a while and I swear it made a squeeking noise like a mouse,bizarre,I think he was probably saying"Turned out nice again".
The next hour and a half was a stream of constant bites,all Roach and all between 3 and 12 oz.I caught on maggots,dendras and lobs,one lobworm exploded in my face when I removed his tail,a little bit of payback,I guess!
From around the lake another two members of "The Sunshine Band" came by,barrows spilling luggage,loud voices and to top it off they parked up in the next swim..I suspect that a conversation ensued regarding me "in their spot"...Their spot!!!
I stuck to my guns and fished on catching more Roach of similar size until the light dropped and the lake went flat calm.
Well,the sun came out and out came the "Sunshine Band",so what about KC then?Well that stands for King Carp.As I packed away,a large Common Carp 'head and shouldered' out on the lake.."I'll catch up with you soon enough"I thought.There were three anglers on the lake fishing for carp at this time...none of them saw it.

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