Thursday, 19 January 2012

Another Winter Project - Wicker Seat

I saw this on eBay a while back and just had to have it. The thought of sitting aside a small willow fringed pool on a balmy summers eve with a glass of finest red in my hand, waiting for a bite. Well it was just too much.
 In some quarters they are described as 'canoe chairs' but the portability, compactness and it ability to hold various bits and bobs in that underseat compartment lend it perfectly to piscatorial pursuits.

On the whole it is relatively tidy, so just a general tidy up and application of lotions and potions to wood and leather should suffice. I'll post some pics when it's finished.


  1. You're welcome to that piece of furniture mate, creaking and squeaking whenever you move a muscle and it'll leave a deep impression on your bum as well. The only wicker seat I ever liked was the one in Emmanuelle : )

  2. Hmm... I find myself breaking the 10th Commandment here.

    What a splendid find!

    I hope it is strong enough to bear angling usage.

    Regular Rod

  3. Dave, your Emmanuelle comment caused much hilarity at 'Gurney Towers'. I will probably only use it a couple of times a year, but it is incredibly comfortable..RR, I'm sure it will be mostly used for evening lakeside socials, it has enough room for three bottles of claret.

  4. That is just wonderful! And perfect for your planned use. I can see it too!

  5. Good luck Gurn, you may need a small cushion to go with that or a good pair of tweezers to pull out the splinters :)

    Only kidding mate, if it turns out half as good as the rod it will be fantastic.

  6. That is another great project to be getting on with ilook forward to the before and after pictures, There is just somthing about a wicker seat or basket, cant put my finger on it, It just sort of says CLASS,

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