Sunday, 29 January 2012

Redmire - Phone Wars.

Redmire Pool.... To many, just the mention of the two words is enough to send them into another world, even another time. I openly admit, the place has me entranced, a love affair that started when I was just a boy. A copy of the Angling Times annual fell open to reveal a black and white photo of Richard Walker holding that most stunning fish, he named 'Ravioli', others named her Clarissa. I have been hooked ever since and have found myself in the most fortunate position to have fished at Redmire for a weekend in each of the last three years, and have had the honour (for that is what it is) to capture two of its residents.
 With all this in mind, today is quite a stressful day, it being the day upon which all devotees of this small farm pool, take up their phones and dial one single landline number in the hope that a certain Mr. Bamford will answer in his own affable style and grant access for an allotted time to that paradise on the England/Wales border.
 At Gurney Towers the day, that has become known as 'Phone Wars' to regulars, is planned with military precision. Lady Sarah on one landline and me on another. I'm not sure if this doubles or halves our chances of getting through but it is a formula that has worked well up to now.
 The whole business is a bind, but seemingly fair and the whole sorry episode is forgotten about when one is at peace on the pool.
 Well, once again, I am happy to report that our planning and persistence has paid off. Lady Sarah ,once again coming up trumps and getting through quite early (after fifty minutes) to secure for my party five days in September, which was my preferred choice..I am, as they say,"As 'appy as Larry"...That Lady Sarah has strange and wonderful powers indeed..


  1. Oh ffffffffffffffffffffer goodness sake. Being away in 'sunny' Devon I completely lost track of the date. Epic fail.

    Ah well, its money I can spend on a ticket elsewhere I suppose.

  2. What are you like Mr.B?? Mind you I'm quite partial to the wonderful county of Devon myself..The good Lady and I intend to retire there one day.

  3. Sound like you have booked for some good times ahead,