Monday, 16 January 2012

Peter Drennan and Bernard Venables

I thought I might share with you some details of a touching Christmas card we received in the shop from Peter Drennan.
The front (above) carries a reproduction of this wonderful study of roach.
Inside it says, "Bernard Venables was a great angler and a poetic writer with a rare ability to draw fish. He lived into his 90's and the last time we fished together, I remember him saying:'Your tackle box is better set up, I'll have to sort mine out for next season.' May we all be looking forward at 90 years of age!"
 On the back is this fantastic photo of the pair of them.

The text reads..."Bernard Venables and Peter Drennan, circa 1994, examining Bernard's watercolour which is the subject of this years Christmas card."

What a wonderful tribute to the late Bernard Venables this is. An influential gentleman of our pastime he was clearly held in high esteem by his peers.


  1. That is just so touching,
    And a great tribute,
    Nice one Gurn thanks for sharing,

  2. Both a great influence on the sport in different ways, I can't imagine fishing without Drennan's gear

  3. A beautiful illustration of the roach Gurn. As a young boy Mr Crabtree fired my imagination and my enthusiasm . I have a reproduced copy in my book cupboard which sits alongside me at arms length should I fancy it along with a glass of wine . Especially on these winter evenings.

    Bazal Peck

  4. I love Bernard's paintings, they stoked my childhood imagination and nowadays fill me with warm nostalgia. My signed barbel print is a prized possession.

  5. I'm quite sure that many anglers continue to be inspired by Mr.Crabtree....Good to see you comment on this Secundus, I'm sure that the common ground you share with BV is not lost on you.

  6. i would loved to have met him. i would love one of his paintings