Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Angling Art - Eelus

I thought I'd share with you this lovely stencil and papercut artwork by my favourite urban/graphic artist 'Eelus'. I believe it was a commission piece, not commissioned by me unfortunately.
The man is incredibly talented and I have collected his work for a while now and was lucky to receive the following piece as a gift with another purchase. It hangs above my angling bookcase and always makes me smile.
Check his website Here.

Another urban artist who most will be familiar with, Banksy, has also, in the past, taken to spraying fishy themes.This little fellow was found beneath a bridge by the canal at Camden.


  1. I like all forms of art and i agree these guys have got talent,

  2. That poor little fella was obviously trying to escape the dead dogs and shopping trolleys in the canal, a great improvement on what adorns the walls down my cut!