Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Special Fish

I haven't fished for a while. I've enjoyed spending a bit of free time with my family.
 Today was different though. It was my day off and when I awoke from slumber, one thought dominated. I just knew that a special fish needed to be my quarry today. I knew where it lived, I just had to have a try.
 The weather was grim, great rolling clouds of dark grey, rain, thunder forecast, I waited. Occupying myself with the tackle set up near the doorway, I gazed at the blurred view at the trickling window. Waiting for a break, just enough to walk to where I needed to be. I waited until late afternoon.
 Setting off over the river footbridge and through the sodden water meadow, I was soon on the towpath of the Grand Union Canal, it's a journey I take most days on my way to work. As I navigated safe passage across the cattle grid it occurred to me that I couldn't remember the last time I angled 'the cut'.
 Walking past floating homes and holiday boats full of strange dialects and anglers with tales of woe, I trudged towards a quieter stretch.
 On arrival I was pleased that only one other angler was near, a father with a couple of kids. They hadn't caught much...I set up anyway.

Having attached a 'Canal Grey' and size 22 hook I carefully plumbed the swim, set the float at the required depth, attached a couple of pinkies and cast out...I received a bite immediately.
 As the clouds rolled by a small hybrid came to hand, next cast another and so on for around seven casts. The father fishing further along gave me that look.
 I was joined by a rather friendly Moorhen, which took a liking to my bait and stayed to watch me catch some rather nice perch.

You can see that by this time the other angler had hastily departed lest he be shown up in front of his kids by the man with the wooden rod.
 Bites came fast and furious as I drew in a shoal of bream and even the sun poked it's head from behind the clouds.
A narrow boat chugged by, I left the float in as I was only fishing close and had a bite just as it came by, resulting in a quality perch.
 A short while later the water started to move, I guessed the narrowboat had reached the lock. I was glad of the old Speedia, it allowed me to trot the canal....this is when it happened.
 The float shot under and I struck to solid resistance and a spirited battle. Without much delay though, the fish was beaten. Here he is then, a most special capture.......... first gudgeon of the season. I love them so much.
 With mission accomplished and joy in my heart, I immediately packed up and headed off home.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Look, It's Me.

A long time ago I used to get quite excited if my ugly mug appeared in one of the weekly/monthly magazines. It was a conversation piece and gave a bit of bragging rights in them days. I had it in my head that it brought a little kudos.
 Nowadays, I blog, but on the whole I try to shy away from the 'look at me' side of things.
Imagine my dismay then, when the nice chappie from the commercial department of Angling Times suggested that the lads at the shop should have a diary section in our ads.
 Here's my effort then, in this weeks mag. Hastily thrown together over lunch.
'Look at me' haha !!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Simon's ''

I've been away for a while, nowhere exotic, just out and about. I took in some culture, Damien Hirst at the Tate. I went back to my punk rock roots watching punk bands at the 100 Club, I even had a jump around!! Went to watch some Olympics. Spent some quality time with my daughter.
 No time for angling and internetting, just recharging the batteries.
 I see the vote ended in favour of the inclusion of weights in my little ol' blog....just. I will go with the majority though.

 Today then, I receive a text from my old mate Simon Tofield. He's known for being the creator of the character 'Simon's Cat' an internet sensation, and featuring in the Daily Mirror newspaper, not to mention many books and currently being courted by the mighty Disney corporation.
 Here's a fellow who despite not being an angler himself, loves the stories related to the pastime. The fact that he is following in the footsteps of Bernard Venables at the Daily Mirror is not lost on him. He has a slight obsession with the Wels Catfish, Silurus Glanis and I am currently organising a 'Cat Hunt' for us.
 Anyway here's a few pics he sent me, I love em.............
...especially this one, he has me to a tee...or is that tea?