Monday, 6 August 2012

Simon's ''

I've been away for a while, nowhere exotic, just out and about. I took in some culture, Damien Hirst at the Tate. I went back to my punk rock roots watching punk bands at the 100 Club, I even had a jump around!! Went to watch some Olympics. Spent some quality time with my daughter.
 No time for angling and internetting, just recharging the batteries.
 I see the vote ended in favour of the inclusion of weights in my little ol' blog....just. I will go with the majority though.

 Today then, I receive a text from my old mate Simon Tofield. He's known for being the creator of the character 'Simon's Cat' an internet sensation, and featuring in the Daily Mirror newspaper, not to mention many books and currently being courted by the mighty Disney corporation.
 Here's a fellow who despite not being an angler himself, loves the stories related to the pastime. The fact that he is following in the footsteps of Bernard Venables at the Daily Mirror is not lost on him. He has a slight obsession with the Wels Catfish, Silurus Glanis and I am currently organising a 'Cat Hunt' for us.
 Anyway here's a few pics he sent me, I love em.............
...especially this one, he has me to a tee...or is that tea?


  1. So, how big was that chub then Gurn? :-)

    Great pics.

    1. 6lb 2oz Dave, not bad from little more than a ditch at this time of year mate.

  2. Superb fish, not that it would be any less at 5.15 but............

  3. I've loved Simon's Cat since I discovered it some time ago.

    Look forward to seeing more Simon's Catfish here on your blog.