Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Karma Strikes Again

Good news, a fellow strolled into the shop today with my stolen rod. My investigations are ongoing so best not to divulge too much information. This is however a major result.
 This, of course, meant that although I gave my Allcocks Nimrod / Felton Crosswind combo its first outing on a different stretch of my little river today, the fish weren't forthcoming.
 Choosing to fish my usual banker of drilled bullet, big hook and lobworm. The crays had a field day, I soon became bored of tossing the little blighters squashed remains over my shoulder. I did catch a little perch, got wet again and went home early. Oh well, one must always take the rough with the smooth.


  1. Wonderful result Gurn, you've obviously put the feelers out, now all you want is the little shit that nicked it ;-)

    Yet another piece of wood eh? Infectious aren't they. I can't understand the use of old reels though, most were pretty rubbish when they were new. Guess I'm a part-time traditionalist.

  2. The net is closing Dave ;-)

    Yeah, I now have six cane rods. I am under no illusion that fishing with vintage tackle can at times be a handicap. For the moment though, I just kinda like it.

  3. Fantastic news Gurn! as for using old reels on the cane rods, to me , in part, its the look of the thing as much as anything, most modern reels just don't look right on classic rods.

  4. Excellent news K.G, glad you got them back fella

    1. Just the one rod mate, the rest still missing. I do love that rod though.

  5. Gurn, glad to hear you have got your rod back.

  6. Good news on the rod, I hope the fellow who bought it in was the thief!

  7. Nice one mate, i hope the rest turns up soon.

  8. Methinks young Gurn isn't posting until the vote swings his way ; )

  9. Been away mate, back on the bank soon :-)