Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Perfect Cuppa ?

"Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world."

The elixir of the Englishman, that marvellous pick-me-up, the drink that fuelled an empire. Of course, there is tea , and then there is Tea.
The good Lady Sarah, in her infinite wisdom, knows that ol' Gurn enjoys the finer things in life. I am becoming more and more likely to be taking tea on the bank these days, with either my trusty sidekick Steve or his reliable rival Kelly. With this in mind she has brought me some fine Miles' Ceylon loose tea.
 Neatly packaged in its own mini tea chest caddy, well I just cant wait to brew up. I even have a tutorial from His Noble Yates-ness to aid me.....

Many have waxed lyrical about the magical ritual of 'taking' tea....I think my favourite quote is..

"Meanwhile, let us have a sip of tea. The afternoon glow is brightening the bamboos, the fountains are bubbling with delight, the soughing of the pines is heard in our kettle. Let us dream of effervescence, and linger in the beautiful foolishness of things."

Miles Tea and Coffee Merchants


  1. Tackle tarts are one thing but tea tarts? Oh dear oh dear oh dear (shakes head in disbelief) ;-)

  2. Don't start me off on tarts Dave...Mmmmm Bakewell ;-)

  3. Funny my coffe just boiled over looking at your blog. As you probably know we dring a lot of coffee here in Sweden. Although I occasionaly enjoy a nice cup of tea. I hope the taste was according to your expectations.
    Have fun drinking tea looking at the trout and grayling rises,

  4. Hahaha Thats the strangest post ive seen on your blog Gurn, But hey pour me a cup please i enjoy proper tea,

  5. Come on Paddy, you can't fool me mate. If you were coming fishing with me, I'd leave the tea at home and bring out the OXO...:-)

  6. Tea, filthy stuff................ now a nice rich coffee and now you are talking!

  7. Now Tom, I'd have probably said the same a few years ago.

  8. this is the best ever

  9. Teabags Tom?...I don't think so ;-)