Thursday, 25 March 2010

Carp - Who Else Would Rather Catch A Smaller One ?

The Intrepid Piscator Does size matter? Well my friends consider this.....
I have recently been lucky enough to be offered some fishing on a lake in mid-France and will be there in a couple of weeks time.I will be fishing for Carp and this beautiful lake holds specimens to nearly 70lb in weight.Yes,of course I would love to catch one and will be trying my utmost to achieve this.However,I have never held a burning desire to catch a large French Carp.The same cannot be said for my almost obsessive ambition to extract one of the residents of the famous Redmire Pool .With this in mind let's imagine that I catch a Carp in France of 50lb+,I would of course be a very happy man..but..I can honestly say that should I manage to catch a little Redmire 'scamp' of say 5 lb,then this small fish would mean so much to me that it would surely be my fish of a lifetime.

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