Sunday, 18 April 2010

Chapel Lake,France (part three)

The Intrepid Piscator By daylight the biting wind had blown up again despite the sun shining.At one point waves were lapping against our bank and although the scene looked nice,it felt more and more oppressive.A Kite soared above and a Hare ran for cover in a nearby field.We all sat together beside the vehicles in relative cover.

The resident herd of Limousin Cattle came down for a morning drink and the kids went off to explore dungeons and search for treasure.It was at this time that something happened,something I will remember for a long time.
I should point out that one of my friends lads is left handed and he'd set up a rod,with the reel in such a manner.The lad,as I have said,was off exploring,and my friend having a shower.
The rest of us had taken charge of the rods.
Suddenly his lads alarm sprung into life.The nearest of us immediately grabbed the rod and went to strike,whereupon he muttered something along the lines of"Oh goodness me,it appears that the reel has no handle"..of course what he really said is not for repeat here!!
Instead of winding,he walked backwards with the rod,not really knowing what to do next.Another of the party started to operate the reel,so we now had two on the rod.They both exclaimed that it was a very big fish.What a bizarre sight.The fish did exactly what it wanted,chugging up and down the lake.The fellas were under no illusion that they were in control.I peered on in marvel.
Now I can tell you that all of us have caught large Carp but this was a bit different and after about 15 mins. when the hooked pulled,we all felt gutted knowing we'd lost something special.
I caught another smallish Mirror in the night,but we decided that due to the inhospitablity of the weather,the next would be our last...It was time for a drastic plan.......

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