Thursday, 15 April 2010

Chapel Lake,France (part two)

I set my swim in sight of "The Chateau", apparently the residence of one lone,elderly lady who owns most of the valley.OK, lone isn't 100% true,she has a few Donkeys,Shetland Ponies and Chickens for company.

Beneath this spectacular building lies a cave, seemingly natural, we were told it was once used as a dungeon (possibly for the benefit of the kids) although I suspect it has seen more action as a wine cellar.

On the fishing front,a minor disaster occured as one of my bite alarms gave up the ghost, despite major on-bank surgery we failed to revive it and I was down to two rods on the first day.
The remaining two rods incorporating a snowman/blowback rig set-up were placed over on the far margin and very soon a fine looking Common Carp graced the net.I was off the mark but that North Easterly wind blew hard.

For a few days it blew and the other lads had other fish of the same calibre as mine.

As the wind subsided on the third night I pondered the large beasts that swam in the depths outside my bivvy.I slept,cold, interrupted sleep,an Owl called out,his mate answered, a Fox sent out a blood curdling screech.the stars shone bright in the unpolluted sky...time rolled on in semi dream.An eternity later the sun rose over the trees,I wondered what the day would bring....

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