Sunday, 25 April 2010

Night Of The Julians & The Curse of Izaac Walton

The Intrepid Piscator After a mad Saturday evening dash after a day in the shop,I found myself beside the lake I'd fished throughout the Winter. This time of year, of course, there are a few more anglers present and I was one of eleven, not my ideal scenario but they are good guys and I settled in for the night.
My quarry for the next couple of months is to be the beautiful Tench. I find them to be most beautiful creatures,their scales tiny and smooth,the variation of colour from bright gold to almost black and those mysterious red/orange eyes along with it's alleged healing properties all add to its mystique.Even the latin name tinca tinca conjures up an image in the minds eye.
Now,although the lake is not famed for its Tench, and has, to my knowledge never produced one of double figures, there remains a viable population that occassionally grace the nets of Carp anglers.
I set my stall out with method feeder and mini boilies fished on the hair,fishing both rods in the margins. Soon the traquility was interrupted by the sound of an alarm opposite.My mate Birdy,also angling for Tench was in to what turned out to be a fair sized Julian (Bream). This turned out to be the order of the night with Julians caught in abundance from his side of the lake as they began to congregate for spawning. I myself managed to scratch out three,one being particularly big,but alas no Tench,or Carp all round.

This was the smallest one of my trio,but all Bream caught around the lake,forty in total, ranged from 6 to 10 lb.

One thing has been bothering me for some time now.It is now getting so serious that I received two phone calls from fellow anglers regarding it during the session.It would seem that I am cursed, the curse being that around 95% of the times I fish,it rains.Now let me show you a couple of photos from this session.When I arrived the lake looked like this... Lovely blue sky,insects buzzing,anglers in shorts enjoying eating and drinking al fresco and enjoying the balminess of a Spring evening.

Sometime later.....
Greying skies,heavy rain and anglers running for cover.I blame the whole thing on Izaak himself.

Readers of Chris Yates' ramblings will know that all things related to angling,be it fair or foul are in the lap of Mr.Walton and I fear I have offended his spirit so much that I have been cursed with a plague of rain.

Whilst on Redmire last year (in a small gap between downpours) I asked Izaak for a sign...the instant reply was the only clap of thunder of the weekend.Yes,yes I know all this is irrational,but so is spending masses of time,effort and money trying to catch fish that are promptly returned back to the depths soon after.

All comments on how to appease Izaak will be welcomed.


  1. So it was you that made it rain!

    You are indeed cursed. Only by float-fishing with an unbaited hook for two hours will you lift this curse.

    When you have ceased the desire to bank fish, so will a fish take your un-baited hook as a sign and Izaac will have forgiven you.

  2. Should my curse continue,I will happly embark upon this pennance.I will let you know how I get on.

  3. Twaddle! Discount float fishing as a cure I say.

    Plucking horse hair from from the tail of a galloping stallion in a watermeadow is the only proven remedy to Izaak's wrath.

    Notwithstanding that, try overly tight underpants.

    Good luck with the float fishing!!

  4. If I should embark on chasing Stallions in the local water meadow I should think that tight underpants would be necessary attire anyway!!
    Float fishing....Mmmmm Gudgeon or Crucians may be the order of the day..That's after two baitless hours, of course.

  5. Well I do know a pond that has both of those in......and I caught a 4lb. tench on an unbaited hook there not 2 weeks ago. I'd like to say I was currying favour with Izaak, a sort of anti-Gurn totem, but actually I was just trying to tackle up again after a tangle!


  6. Aah Nobby,there's you telling me about Tench with no bait.I struggle enough with bait!!
    You are indeed a very lucky man to know of a pond with both fishy delights.The lake I intend to target for Crucians produced just one fish last year.Its weight was 4lb....I do love a challenge.Regards Gurn