Friday, 23 December 2011

Seasons Greetings

A big thank you to all the readers of this lil' old blog of mine, I appreciate the time you have taken to comment and peruse.
May Christmas bring whatever your heart desires, and the new year bring the fish of your dreams.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Couple of Snatched Hours

Good organisation is not something this 'sometime' traditional angler is noted for, however, having purchased and wrapped presents with time to spare, and having a few extra early days off from the shop, I decided to snatch a few hours on the small river that is just a few minutes walk from my house.
 The day has been glorious, weather wise, maybe a bit too bright, but what a lovely way to idle a few hours..I'd dearly love to catch a 3lb Perch from this streamy little river, alas, today would not be the day.
I was happy enough to wile away a few hours dangling a worm, listening to shrieking Green Woodpeckers and tapping Spotted ones, watching the squirrels bounding around and Great Tits eating the dried seed heads of the riverside plants. A spider came out to say 'hello' and sought sanctuary with me away from the birds.
In the distance could be heard holidaying school children shrieking and singing with pre-Christmas excitement, and inadequate dog owners bellowing at disobedient canines. I minded not, happy to be idle for while, fish or no fish the beauty of the winter sunshine not lost on me.

Ten minutes here, ten minutes there a world away from the seething masses of shopping centres.
 Amazingly I did catch a fish or two, no record breakers, but seemingly adequate for a couple of hours 'dangling'....a wee little 'footballer'......

I told him to go fetch his Dad, but his parent must've refused the request.
 He was followed by a Bream, a fit fish apart from a piece missing from its gill cover, the second fish I've caught from the particular swim with this injury or defect...
My stomach started to rumble and I put my coat on to walk home, just so I didn't have to carry it, I'd sat on it for the duration of this session and hadn't missed it at all.