Tuesday, 29 June 2010

It's A Jungle Out There

The Intrepid Piscator Returning from another fishless Gt. Ouse Barbel mission I must say that it really amazes me in these times of intensive farming and pollution just how much animal activity there is out there.
Of course I spent much time keeping the Cows at bay,more a case of the Intrepid Matador than Piscator, it's not that I'm scared of them. They are just so incredibly curious and I fear for my rods and tackle should they get too close for comfort.

Then there is the Mosquito issue, I've tried DEET, Citronella, Organic. "herbs and things" and exotic plant extracts from the wilds of Africa...No, the only way to avoid the bite is cover everything up. I was shocked to find I'd been bitten on a rather tender part of my anatomy, and it had only been exposed for a few seconds!!!!

My pitch appeared to be a passing point for the local rodent population and entertained as various species passed by my feet.

Birds of all shapes and sizes, from Heron to Wren, they all enjoy the riverside. The Barn Owl in it's silent graceful twilight search, maybe that's why all the shrews and mice were with me.

On into darknes, the time when beasts prowl in the shadows, and if left unchecked, the mind plays tricks.
It is strange that Bats seem quite adept at catching insects in the dark, but not very good at avoiding anglers lines, it always gets the heart thumping.

Something marched towards me in the undergrowth, it was big, I moved and spooked it.

Possibly a Lion.......... probably an Otter.


  1. Gurn, keep going and enjoying the surroundings and one will soon come. I'm trying for a barbel myself this year so any tips welcome. I've already tried a hair rig and surprise surprise it worked! Chub though not barbel but I live in hope.

  2. I am definitely enjoying being back on the river Dave.I'm glad that you are experimenting with the hair-rig mate.As for tips, well, Longer hair for Barbel and Short hair for Chub is a good rule of thumb. I will in time be posting my anti-crayfish rig, which thus far has worked well.regards Gurn