Thursday, 4 November 2010

Autumn Perch

Well, the home of the big common was to be my home for a few night/day sessions this month and the lake has recently produced a 34lb Mirror. However, I have heard a whisper that another angler may have lost the big girl at the net recently, so I am going to give the place a wide berth for a couple of weeks. There are a couple of  fish I would like to  catch in my syndicate water and this particular lake does fish better through the colder months than the home of The Common.
 Today though I thought I might walk the five minute journey to my local river, in search of a fat Perch or two.
 As usual I was the only angler present until my work colleague Dan turned up to spend a few hours with me.
I settled on a swim I knew would hold a few Perch but left what I thought was a better one for Dan to sit in.

My set-up was a simple affair comprising of a drilled bullet stopped by a Korum Quickstop (fantastic bit of kit) with a longish hooklink to a size 10 hook with a fat worm hung upon it.
 The wind howled and the air was a mass of bright yellow falling leaves, very autumnal, but not cold.
 The tip soon wrapped around and a stunning 'Footballer' was soon in the net, followed in double quick time by another of around a half of a pound.
 I really should fish this little stretch a bit more, to look at it you'd think it barren, but it is home to most species, including, apparently, some maniac Carp. I am happy to sit catching Perch here though, it just seems right to me. Especially as I am aquainted with the staff of a nearby factory canteen who are happy to pass food and hot tea over the fence for me!
 The day didn't transpire into one of those halcyon fishing adventures but the fish came steady throughout, no world beaters, just a pleasant day by the river. This one was the biggest, I just put the float next to it for scale.
All the fish I caught were in mint condition, this fellows fins, so bold, they really are lovely fish. He even gave a little wave for the camera.
 Dan unfortunately didn't fare so well as I.He wouldn't have a dunk in my swim,where the fish were obviously holed up,stubborn sod, but he is young and has the makings of a fine angler.
 I did move to a couple of other swims but to be honest the river needs another foot of water and the leaf litter was an obstacle to good presentation.
As I packed away I was pleased to see a Kingfisher fly the length of the beat, just a couple of inches above the water. They always tear around as if they are late for something...My stomach rumbled, maybe I was late for dinner. I soon set off back past the footbridge in the direction of home.


  1. That is a really good looking swim, And a mighty fine Perch, And if Kingfisher's are there then what more can you ask for, Just sitting watching this bird would be enough for me, And a fish would be a bonus,
    Very well done Gurn,

  2. It seems to me Paddy, that the Kingfisher is becoming more abundant...I see them on most waters I fish nowadays...Long may it continue.