Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Autumn....already ?

As I walked , or rather slid across the rickety bridge ( I know it's a death trap, yet it still gets me.) I found a coin, picked it up, then tossed it in as an offering to the Carp Gods.
I avoided the rain, setting up my camp for the next few days on ground sodden from the previous hours deluge, a close shave.
 I was back then, in my favourite September swim, just one other angler on this difficult lake, a cacophony of waterbirds greeted..Tufties, Mallard, Swans and the usual Gulls, they all came to see what I'd feed them, all left empty beaked (until I baited the swim).
 Kingfisher yelled and completed a welcoming flypast and Buzzard circled overhead keeping one eye on proceedings and another on the shrews that danced in excitement around my bag of bait.
The wind grew ever strong and disease ridden Sycamore leaves fell upon my shelter, from the burnished heights.

The Hawthorns bursting with berries make a fine feast for the hungry birds.
Alas, their leaves too are losing green, turning through yellow to copper. It all seems a little Autumnal.
As night drew in I found myself drifting in and out of sleep, sudden heavy showers causing the trees to drip upon my abode, then at around 1am, a run, left rod flying.
 The lake is very weedy and the fish rapidly pung the line upon it, sending heartstopping vibrations through the rod to my hands,powerful surges led me to believe it a 'biggun', had I lost her I'd have guessed her much bigger, she wasn't a 'biggun' though. Gracing my net was an absolutely stunning linear Mirror then, just under 20lb with a great paddle for a tail. It was a true treat to see her glide slowly back to the depths.
My poor night photography will never do a fish like this justice but I'd rather that than juggling a fish and a camera for a self take trophy shot in the night, when it's not really necessary.
 Morning then, and the almost religious rite that is tea.
 The wind grew stronger and a bow had formed in the line of my left rod. I switched the alarm off to make adjustments.
 All amendments made, I took a cuppa to Ian in the next swim and chatted a while.
On return to my rods I noticed the left one was arced around and the bobbin was bouncing away as line was being taken. I'd forgotten to switch my alarm back on and had another fish on. It turned out to be a Tench of around 5lb, a morning treat.
 The following day rolled along with visitors, tea, biscuits, alas no cake.
 The wind slowly but surely wound itself up and the Poplars swayed further and further. Leaves continued to fall upon my bivvy rendering it a little more 'Realtree' than usual.

As darkess fell and I at last had the lake to myself, a deluge, yes, Old Izaac's curse had caught up with me again and I was confined to barracks.
 At around midnight I stumble out to a run which produced an incredibly pretty Mirror Carp and a welcome golden glow.

I slept little and by daybreak the wind and rain had worsened.

No more dancing Shrews, no more noisy Kingfishers, just the howl of the wind and the disparaging Ducks.
 James, a shop customer, and good fellow arrived, I put Steve, the kettle, on. We both agreed that the Carp would've moved with the wind, I didn't want to move, but would if necessary. Fortunately, about 10 minutes after he left a large Carp leapt at range in front of my swim, I was easily convinced to stay-put.
 Whilst confined to the bivvy, I finished reading "How To Fish" by Chris Yates and have to say, it's one of his finest works and has re-ignited my desire to catch a fat Perch this season, maybe next week !

The last night was uneventful, the fish had indeed moved on, as I packed away the sky began to show traces of blue,and the aphids, ladybirds and other bugs that sought refuge from the elements with me, finally returned home, as did I.
I'll have one more attempt to catch 'The Common' this year, before moving to another lake and the rivers for winter.


  1. Those mirrors are gorgeous. And after a few dreary days here, things are certainly starting to look a lot like fall....

  2. Nice post Gurn, atmospheric and engaging. I'd say that Mr Yates has wrought his magical charms over your pen hand - must read him again as it is possibly what I need to get me out there again after a long forced absence from the bank.

  3. Lovely post and I hope you have fun with the perch later this season...

    Regular Rod

  4. Those Mirrors seem to have appeared from nowhere, I have no idea if they are an old original strain or part of a recent stocking, but yes they are gorgeous e.m.b..Thanks for your comments Jeff,they are always most welcomed, I hope you are back on the bank soon. RR, with the recent rain, I may be tempted to take the old cane out next week, in search of that elusive 3lb'er.

  5. That first fish has some growing to do Gurn to fit that tail!

  6. It certainly knew what it was for mate :-)

  7. That must be one of the best fishing sesions i have read about so far, Everything from birds to bugs, And a couple of great "Huge" Carp,And a Tench as a bonus, Good job you got back to your rods to see the line going out no buzzer but a great surprise,
    Excelent Blogging Gurn and well done my friend,