Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Smoke On The Water

" I know we'll never forget.
Smoke on the water and fire in the sky."

It's strange really, how these little groups form. The first cup of tea I consume at Redmire each year is always made with the Kelly kettle. One forgets previous brews and what fuel may have been used and the soot that may have formed within the walls of it's funnel. There is also the damp leaves and twigs to factored in to the equation.
 At the beginning of last October's weekend, the ritual was played out. Everything was going swimmingly, that is until a mushroom cloud appeared over the sacred pool.
 I have a few photos of the event, taken by Malc, in the Evening Pitch. it has to be said that things became much worse, so much so, that much of the pool became enveloped and myself and Malc retreated to the shallows amidst much coughing, as our bivvies became engulfed in smoke. All this was a jolly wheeze to Mick, up in Stumps. Unfortunately, he was laughing so much at Malc's disappearance that he failed to take any photos of the event.
Here are Malc's photos.......

The scene almost looks calm and serene. It got much worse, In fact the smoke reached Malc's bivvy quite quickly. Oh well, no harm done and everything was soon under control.
 This incident has however gained some cultish infamy amongst the four anglers present, a group has been formed around it, "The Noble Order of the Smoking Kelly" or "The Smoking Kelly Club" for short. Who knows what the future of the group holds, but for now the name has stuck.

One thing I know for sure though is " we'll never forget, smoke on the water ".

Go on, treat your ears, you know you want to......


  1. Set volume to eleven and play :-)

    I still prefer propane though : p

  2. Great tune matey, prefer Paranoid though.

    Kelly Kettles, i have toyed with the idea of getting one but i am not quite convinced enough to empty the piggy bank.