Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Close Season Treats

I've been on a bit of a self imposed close season, it won't last the distance, the new lake opens on May 1st and I'm champing at the bit.
 It has however allowed me to take stock and get organised. Organisation is not a trait usually associated with me, often I tend to be impulsive, especially where angling is involved.
 In the past I have fished through the grueller months in the hope of a bite from 'The Common'. I will have another little dabble for her this year, but only when the time is right. What an elusive fish she is, uncaught this year despite many anglers efforts. If I'm honest it's a rat race I don't miss, but, what a fish she is.
 I have had time to take stock, re-evaluate and am now hungry for new challenges. what better excuse then to splash out on a few new items of tackle.
 First there was a set of three 12' 2.5lb TC Harrison Ballista rods, old school classics. I wasn't looking for some, but when I was asked if I knew anyone who was, I couldn't let them pass. An ideal players rod, just the job for the new intimate lake and also  bought with an eye on the fabled 'pool'. I think their forgiving action is just the ticket for Redmire, where hook pulls are commonplace.
 Next was a good old car-boot purchase a nice useable pre-Garcia 50's Mitchell 300 with the V-check and perfect bail and spring for a fiver....lovely.
 Some time ago I got to thinking about a new rod for my small river chubbing. Although the Chapmans 500 is a fine wand, I did find I'd need a bit more backbone for those jungly 'chubby' swims and a little less length for those overhead branches. After some discussion with the venerable gentlemen of  The Traditional Fisherman forum (link in side panel) a worthy contender was deemed to be The Allcocks Nimrod, originally designed as a spinning rod for Salmon and Pike, it has the strength I require and is one and a half feet shorter than the 500 and sensitive enough at the tip. Here's the one I have purchased..

 It was only then that I saw this sign, it got me thinking about a reel......

 Now I have secretly been yearning for the rather quirky Felton Crosswind for some time. Some love this mad reel and have had a long standing 'affair' with it, others find it a bit of an oddball.
 Well that ticks all the boxes by my reckoning so I am now awaiting delivery of this little baby..

 I can't wait to get out out there now and  put them all to good use, roll on my friends...roll on.

All photos in this post are from previous owners and credited as such.


  1. You are a hopeless romantic Gurn, I look forward to reading all about the new tackle when it gets waterside.

    1. Well I'm not sure that Lady Sarah would agree mate. However, it is strange to think that it has taken me forty angling years to come to a point where I am happy to fish for whatever comes along with tackle that was old when I started, quite barmy mate. All part of the journey to angling Nirvana.

    2. I think the process of catching the most then biggest then hardest and finally whatever really makes us happy is a well known path for many anglers Gurn. Nothing about angling is compulsory, its about self fulfilment, pleasure and most of all fun and I can see that you have managed tick all of those boxes ;-)

      Must go, packing for France and not a cane rod in sight :-)

    3. Amen to that my friend, have a good trip.

  2. By Gum Gurn you would truly fit in with me and my mate Alisdair on our traditional opening days (16th June) each year in search of tench, a little roach and a little perch. He uses tackle he couldn't buy that he drooled over as a kid in the '70s and I use the same stuff I yearned for in the fifties but couldn't buy until the '60s.


    Regular Rod

    1. Sounds grand to me RR. You've got me thinking about tench now. According to the old boys who fish the lake I'm on this year it contains just one tench!!