Monday, 19 November 2012

Catch Up

It's been a while, I've finally recovered from the rather damp Redmire jolly and it's about time I was back on parade.
I'm happy to say that I have nearly completed Christmas shopping, the very thought of fighting the crowds nearer the time fills me with dread so I make a habit of completing the deed early, thus enabling me to sit back and watch the slackers with a smug knowing grin.
 I've been given a couple of interesting photos to share with you all.
 The first is evidence of just how harsh the velcro-like pads in the jaws of the Wels Catfish can be to flesh, even on humans. This picture is the aftermath of a friends capture of a 50lb'er.


This week I also saw a photo of a sizeable carp with pad damage on both sides. It's quite amazing really, the size of fish these giants will consider as food.
 On the subject of carp, take a look at the following picture (apologies for the quality). This fish was taken fairly recently from the famous Willow Lake at Billing Aquadrome. Could it be one of the old Leney's? It's weight was over 30lb and although doesn't have the good looks of the Redmire stock, it does look similar to the Leney's of Savay. What do you reckon?

 Another item that has recently come my way is a Kingfisher Guild certificate, apparently awarded (before my time) by the Angling Times to juniors for noteable catches. Does anyone else have one framed up in the toilet or suchlike ?

What about my fishing then? Well I have been out a bit. The trip was supposed to be a venture in pursuit of fine roach on the Grand Union canal. I have this hunch you see about a stretch of the canal and it's likelihood to give up a decent roach or two.
 My Dad was invited along, it's nice to catch up and chat fishing. It has to be said that although we have many similarities we do differ in one area. When I fish I like the quiet solidarity and shy away from the crowds. Not Dad, he invited two of his mates and my Mum along, bless him.
 Unfortunately, we were unable to fish the intended area,beaten by two minutes by a Preston Innovations laden trio, blimey I thought that carpers carried some kit!

Having finally found a spot for three anglers (one mate stayed in bed, Mum arrived later) we set about tackling up. I had brought along my Lucky Strike, Speedia combo with roach in mind but with warm weather and an unlikely could only mean one species....bream.
 They loved my float fished punched bread....

Fishing was hard. It seems to be the order of the last couple of weeks from what I hear in the shop. It was nice to be out though and I wasn't unsociable all day. I did share my cake, McVities Carrot with sultanas, not bad. I think it was all gone by the time Mum turned up though.

IP Cake Rating ****


  1. I just deleted a couple of comments in error(again). I wish I could get the old blogger dashboard back.
    Dave...You will love the Lucky Strike mate, it easily my favourite rod. I do tend to steer clear of the old catfish these days but they do pull a bit don't they
    Stu...Thanks for dropping by mate, did I tell you that Bamford drank much of the Glenmorangie..what a laugh. I'm sad to say that he gave me a kiss for sharing. hahaha!!

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Reg...When we gonna have a day out together?

    2. Shout me when you fancy a Wednesday trip fella and we'll catch up and have a go mate.

  3. A connoisseur of fine tackle you may be sir but I must pull you up on that so called carrot cake. Never been a carrot cake that stuff, I too fell into it's trap once but never again, I suggest you find a Co-op before your next trip and invest in one of their finest, you too will see the light

    1. Truth told Rob, I'm not a connoisseur of anything. I do know what I like though. This is great though mate, more cake recommendations will be gratefully recieved. Cheers fella.

    2. No problem, I luuuuuuurve cake :) In fact you've set me off I may have to go and brave the downpour...

  4. I have a Kingfisher Guild enamel badge on my fishing cap that came from my grandfather, I was told he put my name in for it for a perch capture when I was but kneehigh to a grasshopper.I rarely go fishing without it now :)
    I've been wanting to get myself another cane for quite some time now as an alternative to the Aspindale and I'm beginning to think a Lucky might just be the way to go :) , I'll let you know when/if I find one .
    Tight lines my friend