Monday, 11 February 2013

Why Never The Easy Option ?

I could've stayed in today. I've loads to do at home. There's a Sealey Octofloat Deluxe to be built. I actually have two, both wrecks, but with the help of a donor ferrule, some new rings and whips, I hope to make one useable rod for my spring tench sessions.
There's also much clearing out of old gear and rubbish to be done at 'Gurney Towers'. A cold snowy winter day would seem the ideal time to at least make a start.
 Why then was I embarking on a two mile walk to fish for roach on a lake that I'm not even sure holds fish of the calibre I'm targetting? Where predator anglers find it almost impossible to catch livebaits in the summer. Where I blanked last time out.
 I knew that the river wouldn't fish today, it's well up, and never seems to produce at this level.

 It was swelled further by the overflow of the canal....

...which looked a bit like the tea you buy at Luton Town games.

 At least the lake wasn't up and coloured, it didn't look too welcoming though..

I had it in my mind that if I was a fat roach in the cold, chilly depths of this lake, I'd quite like a pineapple flavoured red maggot at this time of year.

I actually moved three times during the course of the day, fishing the feeder to a single spot in each swim for two hours. In an attempt to get a bite I fished deep, shallower and to snags....All produced nothing. It was cold, windy and hostile.
 Why then, do I never choose the easy option when I actually decide to fish? What is it that makes me want things difficult, not easy? Is it that buzz of triumph over adversity I crave?
 I don't know, but the two miles back were harder with no fish, and at home, the unbuilt rod still sat unbuilt.


  1. Nothing worth while comes easy Gurn, well done for trying.

  2. Indeed my friend, I'm not one to give up easily.

  3. There's always next time ;-)