Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Fine Enough Roach?

When I woke this morning I thought I might like to catch a fine roach, so by evening time I was back in the secret swim.
 The rod of choice today was a Chapman 500. Based on the MkIV Avon, it's more steelier than the Lucky Strike, six inches shorter and can handle anything that this stretch can throw at it.

First came a perch, not a bad one either but as I fished on I found myself pulling out of many more bites than with the Lucky Strike..Partially because I was distracted by the kingfishers that I now actually see every time I angle and I suppose, partly due to the rod. I did however, finally get amongst the dace again.

 The secret swim isn't really a secret, you know? Lots of people know, they just don't care to catch immaculate dace, perch, roach and chub.Small river fishing just isn't en vogue these days and they don't come here, I'm glad about that.

 After a while spent in a sparkle of dace, at last came that roach.....

Not the biggest roach I've ever caught but I might lay down in bed tonight and ask myself if I caught myself a fine roach..The answer will be "Fine enough Gurn, fine enough."


  1. Going through the same streak of wanting to catch dace and roach where others tread less over anything else at th moment

  2. Catching your chosen species is enough mate, catching big one's is another leap forward. I'd call it a success. I've just joined a 'barbel' syndicate to catch the other species and yesterday targeted a summer grayling - It too was fine enough for this angler :o)

    1. Sounds lovely Dave. Looking forward to chasing the 'ladies' again, later in the year. Good luck with the barbel. I will be chancing another chuck for them soon.

  3. I think I've got to move back!!
    Reminds me so much of the Tove experiences I used to have some 10 or so years back.


  4. Nice little river the Tove, I think I can fish it on my MKAA ticket.This little swim on the Ouzel has been kind to me, but I think I'm getting a little too comfortable there. Next time I go I'll be checking out a cracking little eddy swim I have had my eye on for a while.

  5. You certainly can on your MKAA ticket. It's at Castlethorpe, just down from the Grand Union, my house was across the field opposite. Sssiiiigh!