Sunday, 25 August 2013

Back In Business

I suppose that one of the worst things about running a large tackle shop is the fact that the best time to go fishing is also the busiest time of the year. My own angling suffers as I cater for the masses. I'm not complaining, business is good. It just means that  I tend to fish more in winter than summer.
  With business booming, we do seem to buck the industry trend.  I needed a little solitude and eventually found a few hours to re-visit my little stretch of river.
 I had a specific swim in mind which was far upstream. Truth is, I hadn't accounted for the surge in growth of the bankside vegetation.

It was clear that no-one had been here for a while. 
 With only a couple of hours of daylight to play with I decided on the easy option of my old dace swim which was at the right end of the beat.
 I was amazed at the sight before me as I reached the swim.......

...It had clearly not been fished since my last visit well over a month ago.
 It really does give me a closeness to this little stretch and the river itself. We are friends, it welcomes me, not others.
 I sat amongst the vegetation, blending in as best I could. The odd nettle couldn't resist a swipe at me, it comes with the territory.
 Just a few years ago this beat was decimated by chainsaw and dredger, you'd never believe it now, yet people still believe the fish have gone for good. Mother nature thrives on neglect.

It was always going to be a Lucky Strike evening, sit back , de-stress and await whatever might come, nestled within the welcoming arms of my special place.
 The trotted balsa glided away to bring many silver bars of dace and the occasional stripey swirl of a perch.
 However, it was the one nice roach that was given up that made this Intrepid Piscator smile in the face of another week at work.


  1. Awesome! I love fishing at places like that, no one else around, you feel at one with nature.

  2. Brilliant! Swims like that and the intimacy you get from them are truly what makes Angling "The Contemplative Man's Recreation".


  3. Indeed, may them that know..enjoy.

  4. A perfect retreat in every way.

  5. Glad to hear business is good. I've never met you or been to your shop but you come across very well in your blog and I'm sure it's reflected in your business. I know that things are tough for shop owners but, christ, some tackle owners don't do themselves many favours. I was in a large tackle shop looking at centre pins and the one I wanted was sold out. When the guy who does the ordering appeared you'd think I was asking him for one of his kidneys!

    I've seen it before. When his mates come in to the shop he's one of the 'lads' and there's lots of 'banter'. When it's someone he doesn't know it's just "yep, no, maybe, could do, *grunt*........" in a passive-aggressive manner!

    Naturally, I didn't put an order in............

    1. I don't blame you. I am well aware that it is easier to lose a customer than to gain one. Many fall into the trap of resting on their laurels. It's a common industry mistake to take the customer for granted.