Thursday, 22 June 2017

I'm Back

The clanging of agricultural gates and rutted roadways. The dodging of the cow pat and nervously passing my bovine companions. Pigeons arguing among the branches and grass snakes basking in the evening sun.
 That familiar stroll along the willow'd bank of the first field, where the river runs deep and the sound of the weir fades the birdsong.
 It's hot, really hot. The air full of insect life. I plod on, further, quieter...

 A few months earlier my good friend Derren and I had discussed a potential return to this beat. Unfished for two seasons and not much to report in the preceding two. It has lain dormant to many, but not in our minds. In our minds it was a slice of heaven with a secret life, difficult fishing, yes.....but it has mystery.

With the lease secured, we now set about hand picking another eighteen friends to share our return. All places filled, work party completed. It is ours, and only ours.

..Arriving at the far end of the beat I set up the Davenport & Fordham MkIV and Speedia Deluxe combo for a night among the reeds...and so begins my return to the Gt. Ouse..and the first of probably many a blank.
The twilight call of the cuckoo, the smell of citronella..and the hope for gold.

It's good to be back.


  1. Fantastic, look forward to the next haven't any of those fairy liquid tops spare have you ?


    1. Rarer than an impatient chef's steak, Mick.

  2. Replies
    1. No Cats here, mate....Let me know if you fancy a night in pursuit of the whiskered ones.

  3. You've only got to ask I loved it! This time I will bring a sun hat!