Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Things Are Hotting Up

The Intrepid Piscator With the recent warm spell a stroll out with the good Lady Sarah was in order. Cunningly we ended up walking hand in hand around the reservoir complex at Tring. These lakes are renowned in the angling world for producing massive specimens of all species. I believe that they have held British records for at least three species, and their banks are still home to a dedicated band of fishermen willing to brave the windswept and steep banks in search of that special fish.

I'm drawn to Startops Reservoir personally and will one day take on the challenge to bank it's marvellous booty of monstrous fish.
Strolling around this vast expanse it soon became clear that Lady Sarah and I were not the only ones coupling up. In the crystal clear water, large Carp could clearly be seen grouping up in anticipation of the yearly spawning ritual; Ducks chased Drakes, Dragon and Damselflies flew together and Swans cemented their lifetime relationship. It's that time of year.A time of courtship and joy. Something's definitely in the air down Tring way.

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