Saturday, 17 July 2010

Kevin Nash: A Couple Of Days With A Legend..Part One

With only a couple of small Chub to show for my river fishing so far a couple of days respite was in order. An invite then, from a certain Mr. Nash to come and fish his lake, well we didn't need twice asking.
Deep in the vales of darkest Essex is a magic kingdom, a home, a business empire, but best of all..a watery world of wonder which has the potential to make the dreams of any Carp angler, including the owner, come true.
Myself and 'Shakey Lee' were greeted at the unassuming entry gates which held no clue to the delights hidden behind. The tackle was loaded onto a quad trailer and taken on it's way along the grassy path to Church Lake.

On the advice of Matt, one of the Nash team we set up in two neighbouring swims, looking out between the lakes two islands.
Surrounded by native trees and plants, rushes and reedmace, Church Lake is around 5 acres in size, with dense weedbeds and a few clear areas. Not only is it home to a family of Geese, two Swans, Dabchicks, Coots and Moorhens but also around fifty of the most beautiful Carp you are ever likely to see, most are over 30lb and some are over 50lb..A testament to the hard work of the man over many years, a true labour of love.
Of course, within an hour of arrival, the curse of Izaac struck again and the heavens opened, a short, sharp, shower.
Choosing to fish just two rods each we leaded around for clear areas,clipped up and looked at each other with a knowing smile, we recalled fishing together around 15 years ago, a couple of 'erberts, dreaming of fishing such a lake.
Well there we were then, fishing for fifties, totally surreal, a world away from the pressures of work.....we made that 'Claret o'clock'. With baited rigs deployed,boilies fished snowman style on one and a Tiger Nut on the other. We chilled watching the moody evening skies in anticipation of the alluring sound of a bite alarm.


  1. I'd wondered where you'd got to Gurn...I thought perhaps you were chasing French carp again.
    The truth, it seems , was even better! The stuff of dreams.


  2. Very nice Gurn, you are indeed a lucky chap but i must pick you up on your choice of wine................ a heavy claret, surely a nice subtle Rioja would have suited the mood better :):)

  3. To be honest Nobby, I have a very poorly laptop and PC so my internet time is limited for a while. I've been a little bit rubbish on the rivers so not much to report there my friend.I hope your luck/skill has been better. You may like to know that I followed your link on PP and secured some Jasper for my Sealey Octofloat Deluxe (not totally correct,but as near as we will get,I fear)...Tom, It's Claret for me....and sometimes the hip flask has a splash of ancestors were French.