Monday, 19 July 2010

Kevin Nash, A Couple Of Days With A Legend.Part Two

After what can only be described as a good nights sleep, I peered across the lake, looking for a sign, a clue. There had been a few boils in the near margins and I decided that I would explore this area and present my baits there from here-on.

The Sun shone through but it was blowing a bit to say the least. It was about 10am when a figure strolled around the lake...

Our host, enigmatic, Zen like and likeable....Kevin Nash.

Shakey put the kettle on, Mr. Nash pulled up a bucket and we became immediately apparent that here was a man of knowledge, we listened when he spoke, the thing he lacked was ego. I suggested that he must be incredibly proud of his lakes,the fruits of his toil,his reply "Not really, I am proud of my Sons".

We listened attentively as he recalled stories of his adventures on Snake Pit, Warmwell and Chantecoq, classic stuff, but far from lording it, he was down to earth, one of the lads. He stopped, mid conversation as a bird called out, pointing an ear in it's direction,"I haven't heard that one before"he exclaimed before continuing.

We discussed the fishing situation, no fish so far.He looked at us,"they'll be on the natural,did you bring maggots?"..We had, it was good enough for me to bring in both rods and rig them up with Mag-aligner rigs utilising a Nash Mutant Imitation Maggot and place them on the margin spots.
About two hours later we were enjoying a tea and a chat with Nash director Alan Blair when my left rod was away. I struck, felt two thuds, then everything went solid. Shakey and I took to the boat, the sensible thing to do and something we had decided upon the night before should a fish dive into the weed.
The wind was now bordering on gale force and poor old Shakey was rowing like crazy just to keep us above the fish, Alan looked on, I wasn't even sure if the fish was still attached.
However, after ten minutes having tried many angles on the fish and with Shakey doing me proud, the weed gave way and the fish plumed up towards us followed by a whoop of delight from Alan, it was beautiful and big, but it wasn't beaten and chugged off around the lake with us in tow. There were a couple of times in the next ten minutes when I screamed for Shakey to place the net under it in that over eager, semi-desperation to secure the prize. He stayed calm, bided his time.After another surging run away from the boat and more catch-up we finally had her in the net, a true team effort.
On the bank at last, I looked upon this immaculate beast,in total respect, I could've easily released her without weight and pictures such was my trepidation at holding her aloft,I was such a quivering wreck, but with the help of all the lads the deeds were done before returning her back to the depths, safe and sound.

Kevin came around and congratulated me on the capture "Now how did I know you'd have that on maggots",he said with a knowing smile.
The man drinks tea for England and He, Shakey and I chatted into the evening, we even got to hear the full classic tale of the time he fished for five days with a body in his swim!!
Although we fished another night in which the adrenaline stopped me from sleeping, we had no more action.
The whole experience at "Nash resorts-Essex" as he calls it, with tongue firmly in cheek, is something I will never forget and I am left to thank Kevin for the opportunity to catch one of his majestic Carp and Matt and Alan for their assistance.
The Nash website can be found here.


  1. You lucky bugger :-)

    But I'm not jealous................... much!

    Great story Gurn, the man's one of the top dogs for sure and that fish looked fabulous.

  2. Cheers Dave, it was truly memorable.Indeed a fabulous fish, shame I was having a bad hair day,haha...tight lines mate.

  3. Great read keith and the capture couldn't of happened to a nicer geezer!! Well angled buddy