Monday, 20 September 2010

Another Night, Another Fish

Saturday evening saw me doing the usual tearing about like a lunatic to get to the lake after a full day in the shop. For once I hadn't forgotten anything important and was able to get back in the deep water swim that produced my previous fish. I'd heard rumours of The Common being spotted in a different part of the lake, but thought that the pressure of weekend anglers would move Her to deeper quieter areas.
 As I unfurled my  large unhooking mat an rather large spider appeared and ran straight over the back of my hand, I'm not a fan of the eight legged horrors and felt quite sure it was wearing four pairs of Skee-Tex boots, such was its size! I shuddered and hushered it well into the undergrowth.
 After my relative success on maggots in the week I decided that both rods would be fished  Mag-Aligner style, one on the spot I'd taken the Mirror and the other a little closer to the bank but deep enough to keep the ravenous bird-life at bay.
 I love the simplicity of this rig and it also panders to the purist in me slightly, not having that 'Creation of the Devil himself''.....a hair ( I like them really ).

 It began to rain and I retired to my shelter, no bivvy this time, no Lady Sarah, I lay on the bedchair, looking out over the lake, "That Common is out there somewhere",I thought. I watched well into darkness, not once did I see a sign of a Carp and eventually drifted to sleep, trying my hardest not to think where that spider might be.
 At 2am I woke with a start, as if something had happened and woke me up, there was nothing untoward and I looked out onto the lake. In the distance I saw a biggun poke its front end out, as if nature had sent me a little clue. The rest of the night proved uneventful, so, it came as a shock when at 6am, my right rod (the close one) was away, another blazing single toner, the fish seem truly shocked to be hooked on natural food...With none of the drama of my previous outing the fish quickly came to the waiting net, a fine mirror, one of about fifteen 'stockies' introduced about three years ago.

 Another result on the maggots then, it must surely only be a matter of time before they trip up one of the big girls, who knows,maybe The Common, she is out there somewhere.


  1. That looks a great water to fish, And i am as sure as you are that the big Carp will take a good bunch of maggots, Well done on your catch, Have you never put a SPIDER on the hook haha, It must have been a whopper LMAO hahaha,
    Good luck Gurn,

  2. Cheers mate, It's a bloody nightmare to fish, but, there are just a few very special fish in there. I have caught most of the old originals but The Common has always eluded me.