Sunday, 5 December 2010

A Lake With Fat Roach & Ice Above Them

"He waits; that's what he does.

And I tell you what: tick followed tock followed tick followed tock followed tick...

Ahab says, 'I don't care who you are, here's to your dream.'

The old sailors returned to the bar, 'Here's to you, Ahab!'

And the fat drummer hit the beat with all his heart.

Here's to waiting."


  1. excelent,
    Here's to waiting,
    It shant be long now,
    Regards to you captain,

  2. I can sympathise with you Gurn, fed up now with the snow and the ice and this Christmas thingy!

    I want to get back out there on the river bank and find some fish but the elements are making it very difficult to find any sort of fish.

    I thought about going pike fishing yesterday but ended up being herded around the shops with the flock!