Monday, 13 December 2010

Highlights Of 2010 & Thoughts For The Coming New Year.

Well the lakes are frozen, it's cold and dark, the rivers are full of leaf litter and then of course there's the Christmas shopping. The Intrepid Piscator has not been so 'Intrepid' of late. Yes, I am 'climbing the walls' but the break has given me time to take stock.
I'd  never have thought when I started a humble little record of this special pastime of ours back in January that...
a) I'd still be continuing with it in December.
b) That it would have over 10000 hits in under a year.
and most importantly..........
c) There would be the amount of knowledgable, fellow 'piscators' this site would allow me to contact and converse with.
What then have been my highlights of the year in an angling sense? It's difficult to reel off certain situations, angling experiences are so diverse, the biggest fish is not always the most special, each and every capture is a highlight in my eyes.
However, the three captures that stick in my mind from this year are,
"Cut Tail" the inspirationally named Carp at 40lb 3oz
Just looking at the photo of me holding this lovely old Carp and thinking back to the series of events that led to me getting her on the bank still make me smile now. She is a special fish indeed.

Two Huge Roach On The Same Day

It was one of them days when everything you hoped from it, came into fruition. It took me back to childhood dreams and was bloody cold as well !!!

A Redmire Pool Common From The Willow Pitch
My most rewarding catch, not just from this year, but, from my whole angling life. I have dreamt about catching a fish from Redmire Pool since I first read about its existence in an angling annual as a small boy. The size of this fish is totally immaterial and to catch it from the most famous swim in Carp angling was just magical. The pool holds, to this day, all the magic of yesteryear and to hold one of its wonderful residents was a privelege I will never forget.

That's it then, my years highlights...there were of course many more, but what of 2011 ? What plans do I have?
 Well, there will hopefully be another Redmire visit and I know that the Roach lake holds bigger specimens, but..............there's that itch I have to scratch, that most wonderful fish, my quest,"The Common". She will be my main quarry next year, as someone once said "Oh, yes..she will be mine."
 I also have some special plans for "The Intrepid Piscator"
Thanks for following my endeavours this year my friends, and you're more than welcome to do so next year, as I will yours.


  1. It is very nice to see your 40Lb 3oz Carp again, But you are of the same mind as me, Its not the biggest fish you catch, But what it means to you to catch the fish from your dream place, I enjoy reading The Intrepid Piscator and seeing pictures of the Swims or the Swans, And i look forward to your new ventures in 2011, Lets keep our fingers crossed for your next trip to Redmire, I hope you catch a dream Fish from the Roach Lake,
    All the very best to you and yours Gurn,

  2. Kind words Paddy. I think most anglers are kindred spirits.You are a true gent sir...regards Gurn

  3. Always a pleasure to read your blog Gurn and never a chore, keep up the good work sir

  4. I've enjoyed your ramblings and look forward to more in '11. I'm also looking forward to the pictures of that little common you keep on about.

    Keep up the good work Gurn, top blog mate.

  5. Thank you fellas..Dave, plans are already afoot regarding 'The Common'..I am considering a few bait options and have made various enquiries, busy tying rigs and over-analysing..As soon as it's liquid I'll be back on that lake for the duration. It will be difficult, the most difficult fish to catch that I know of, but also the most beautiful. It has eluded me for a long time.Time will tell.

    Also, for the anonymous fellow who commented on the hat in another post...."Hoggs of Fife" sir.

  6. Can that really be a roach!!?? What a wonderful fish, I'm slightly green at the gills.