Thursday, 13 January 2011

Back In Business

After the big freeze and spending all of Christmas suffering from a perforated eardrum (which saw me spend three hours in A&E on Christmas Day) I am now happy to be returning to some sense of normality. I can't wait to get back on the bank in pursuit of "The Common".
 I've pondered that what I'd really like to be doing is getting back to a more traditional form of angling and sometimes I long to get the cane rods back out.....but...I know deep down that I just have to catch this fish. It's under my skin and I'm up for the challenge.
 I'd also like to thank the fine fellows at Bedfordshire Specimen Anglers (soon to be British Specimen Anglers), for sending me the rather fetching hat (above). Check out the site, it's well worth a look.


  1. Thats a great hat, Mind you i like anything with a kingfisher on it, I will look at the site in more depth a little later on, Hope you are feeling better after your damaged ear drum, I am deaf in both ears so i can sympathise with you,
    Hope the new hat brings you some good luck with the monster fish,

  2. All up and running now BSA goes British :-) Very kind of you to give us a mention Keith hope you get your laptop sorted soon so you can pay us a visit again mate...