Sunday, 30 January 2011

Phone Wars

Today, for me, was one of the most important days of the angling year, for it is on this day that I rose early, made sure I consumed a hearty breakfast, sat myself down with a fully charged phone (plus a spare) and awaited a certain time.
 The good Lady Sarah, who has always been an important part of the operation had strategically whisked herself off to her father's home to commandeer his phone.
 Why the need for this military mayhem? Well the reason is to obtain an angling date on a farm pool in the heart of Herefordshire, it seems mad really doesn't it? Well, it would be, if that pool wasn't my beloved Redmire.
 Every year I read the horror stories and sour grapes that exude from those that haven't been able to secure a spot. It's simple really, "Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail".
 Thanks to the magic phone fingers of the good Lady I will once again tread the historic banks in early October, less weed then and the fish will be 'aving it'..perfect.

On a different note, as the weather hasn't been too angler friendly of late I have taken to one of my other passions, painting. Have a look at the shop link if you fancy something cheerful, fishy and inexpensive to put on your walls.


  1. Lucky so and so Gurn. I tried for several years on the trot to secure sometime at pool but failed miserably :(

    Maybe sometime in the future i will have another attempt at getting there.

    Good luck and enjoy it.

  2. I've grabbed 'Bramble Island' Gurn, my misses loves it.

    Can you write on the back of it where it is etc. and sign it please (information that may be needed on Antique Roadshow circa 2062)

  3. Tom,I am very fortunate to have a missus who is very adept at these matters, two years out of three she has beaten me to the welcome voice of a certain Mr. Bamford at 'Redmire Towers' and secured the date.
    Dave,thank you (and Mrs.B) so much for your support on this little venture of mine, I will of course be happy to do that,thanks again.
    regards "Gurn"