Thursday, 24 March 2011

Spring in the Air ?

Back in the swim again, I'd managed a couple of pre-baiting trips since the last time I'd fished. I'm not sure if these offerings are being picked up but it makes me feel like I'm doing something positive on a lake where the Carp simply don't seem to be having it at the moment.
It's just so nice to be setting up in daylight knowing that next week we'll also have that welcome extra hour, my old fishing buddy Brian would've described conditions as "an overcoat warmer".
 As darkness fell it is strange to me just how noisy tranquility can be, once more I was the only angler, a Frenchman seemed to be having a rather loud phonecall on the other side of the lake,completely oblivious to my presence, the sound of eager footballers at a nearby floodlit pitch, the cheer of a goal, a factory alarm, distant car horns, the hoot of my friend the Owl and the drone of aircraft.
 Morning came all too soon, the obligatory blank imminent.
 I watched the Coots collecting twigs for their nests, the pair of Swans claiming territory, sending another pair packing, their wings making that 'whoop whoop' noise as they flew off over my bivvy, the early morning tap of the Greater Spotted Woodpecker and the cackling call of his Green relative.
 The Ducks squabbled as they usually do, directly over my baits.
 As a solitary Magpie flew over the swim as if to mark the fact that I was to be fishless again, I wound in and went for a stroll to scatter some bait about.

Green shoots, Blue Tits feeding on the willow, Sunshine and blue skies.
It seems to me that Spring is truly, at last, in the air.
So, what of "The Common"......well, she's eluded me again,  but there will always be another day.

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  1. With spring comes new hope and endeavour........... Its nice to feel warm again.