Sunday, 12 June 2011

Busy, busy, busy

It's that time of the year, isn't it ? In a piscatorial sense it seems like it's all going on at the moment. My quest for the Common still continues in earnest and the lake is beginning to get fished more, the Carp are spawning and once it's done and dusted I am sure they will get on the munch a bit more. The lakes Catfish population is once again giving itself up to anglers using certain baits and methods in a kamikaze fashion, they really don't seem to be the brightest of fish, needless to say, I will be avoiding said baits and methods in my focussed escapade.
 Ticket renewals have also been the order of the day. I've renewed both my Club and syndicate on my beloved Gt. Ouse and hope to engage in a few more sessions this year in search of it's ever dwindling Barbel and maybe even a fat Chub or Perch.
 I have also secured yet another weekend on the fabled Redmire Pool in early Autumn, something I always look forward to. I will have to look up our infamous 'Redmire Rissotto' recipe again.. My plan this year will be to fish an unpopular swim in the hope that the residents will feed with a bit less suspicion there, and maybe even try to winkle one 'off the top'.
I am still bailiffing for two clubs this year, it's a thankless task and difficult to fit in around my work but has its obvious benefits.
The new Nash PegOne barrow had its first outing the other night and I will write a full review after a bit more use.
I am still fully committed to catching that Common but have a few alternative adventures lined up to keep me sane.
The shop is incredibly busy but I'm due a few days off fishing at the end of the month.
For all of you getting out on the 16th, Good Luck and tight Lines.


  1. Well it sounds like you have everything in order for the big day, And lets hope the huge common comes to your net very soon,
    Good Luck,

  2. Lucky so and so, off to Redmire, i do envy you :)

    Good to see you back matey