Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Common....caught!!

At 08:28:01 yesterday morning I received the following text message.. "She's been out this morning", I knew exactly that it meant that the Common had graced the net of some fortunate sole for the first time in nearly a year.
 It transpired that it was the anglers first ever fish from the water, caught on a bait and rig probably intended for Catfish. The weight of the fish is also somewhat sketchy, the magic number followed by "in the weigh-sling".
The irony of it all has not been lost on many anglers who persue this fish but in many ways I am happy and indeed I even shook the captors hand in the shop yesterday. It is good to know that the fish is still there in the lake (we know fish are moved illegally on occassion), but most of all it was the words of a witness that resounded in my head for most of yesterday...."She is the most beautiful and impressive fish I have ever seen"...I will take a couple of weeks break from the lake, but, the quest will continue.


  1. Just makes her all the more sought after Gurn............. it will be your turn soon, of that i am sure!

  2. This is a very strange situation, I think all the members should avoid fishing for the bigger fish for like you say a couple of weeks, Give them all a chance to recooperate but mainly the big Common, A water i used to fish for carp gave a Bottle of scotch and £50 to the captor of a 25Lb Carp, Not for catching the fish but for not telling were it was caught,
    Bet the guy that caught the Big Common was well happy,
    Your turn next then Gurn

  3. Good luck in your quest. May it be your net the next time!