Friday, 25 May 2012

A Peek Over The Edge

The carp where in full spawning mode by midday and I packed my stuff away and made my way round to the birch spinney. Shafts of light pierced through the canopy like lasers onto the green vegetation below.

I love this part of the bankside, it is unkempt and mystical, dark and magical. It's home to many creatures, birds and bugs.
 I could hear the splashing of spawning fish getting louder and louder as I approached. As the birds sung I took a little peek over the can just see one pass through at 15 seconds.

I thought I'd have a closer look. This big fella' scared a very big bream.

You can just about see the spawning tubercles on one of the large bream I saw. They were being chased by carp in cases of mistaken identity.

There were a few big girls in the mix...The Scaley One..

The Pale One.....

Of course every lake must have one mythical creature, a leviathan that is bigger than the rest. There was one fish. Every time I stopped filming he came through in front of me, it was as if he knew. He was larger than Pale and Scaley by quite a bit. I was minded of Eddie Price at Redmire Pool who took the following photo back in the day of a Redmire monster.

This photo has caused much conjecture over the years regarding the size of the fish. The answer will never be truly known.
 Here then is my 'Eddie Price Photo'. I am in no way saying that there is a fish in the lake of the size of the fish above (there isn't), but all things are relative, your opinions will be welcome...


  1. Looks big enough to me! It looks incredibly 'deep' and wide. Also, photos NEVER do a fish justice. I'll never forget the first huge pike I saw in the flesh (25lb). I'd seen plenty of photos but until you see one close up you have no idea how special they are.

    I sometimes get more pleasure watching fish than catching fish... but... if you told me I'd never be able to catch fish again and would only be allowed to watch them it would drive me insane!

    Isn't it amazing how if you're not fishing for them they seem more relaxed or they show themselves more often? I lure fish a canal for pike and cover a lot of ground over the winter. I'm always looking through the water with polaroids and it's amazing how many carp you see. Some even come out of the weeds to 'inspect' a passing lure. But when I go back with the carp tackle they just disappear and the canal appears devoid of carp........

    I love reading your posts about this lake. I think we're all searching for our own little 'perfect' place and it looks like you may have found it. Good luck.

    1. Thanks for the great comment and good luck wishes, much appreciated. A large pike is truly a wonderful fish. They look so ferocious, yet have beauty and fragility. A 25lber is a fish of dreams my friend.