Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tortoise and Hare

 The above photo was only taken a few weeks ago. It's been twenty, (count 'em), yes twenty years since my name was placed on the waiting list.
 Imagine how I felt, finally I would get to fish this beautiful lake...but no..The curse of old Izaak has truly been back with vengeance.
 You see that sandy swim in the photo...This is what it looks like now.

Oh dear, it seems to have vanished...along with every other swim on the lake.

Well that's blown out this week for sure. The lake is fed by a small ditch from the nearby river. It is sluiced but has overflown. I now have to wait for the river to drop. Oh well, what's another fortnight on twenty years. Tortoise and Hare, Tortoise and Hare.

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