Friday, 7 September 2012

The B. James & Son Richard Walker MK IV...Succumbing To The Inevitable..

I've fished for carp for nearly thirty years now. During that time I've used a lot of different rods but have generally stuck to the English made rods. I currently have Centurys for distance work and Harrisons for small water fishing. I like to look down at that little Union Flag, it pleases me.
 You will see from recent posts that I have become more and more en-tranced  by the beauty and just plain old fun of angling with cane rods of late. A rod has followed me in my carp fshing for as long as I remember, a legendary rod. It has cropped up in conversation, I've read of it's popularity and it's origins. A few times I have seen one and marvelled at it's beauty with deep yearning. That rod is the B.James and Son 'Richard Walker' MK IV.
 It seems strange, that as someone who loves carp fishing history, the waters, the names; that I've never fished with one.
 I did own two thirds of one once, a car-boot find, unusually short in the butt section. I bought it for £20, sold it for considerably more and kept the original bag in the knowledge that I would one day own the real deal.
 Well, as I type I am awaiting the inevitable. A MK IV will arrive at 'Gurney Towers' today. It's a gamble, unseen, ebay purchase, vague photos. Everything I have read about the right way to purchase a rod of cane has been ignored on a hunch. It's high risk and not recommended.
 The photos were sketchy, to say the least, so I asked the vendor some relevant questions. Is it the correct length ? Are all tranfers intact ? Are the rings sound? Does the ferrule have any 'knock'?
 The replies seemed favourable, I entered an offer. .After a counter offer that found some middle ground, I commited to buy.
 For the first time in my life, I have bought a fishing rod with someone elses name on it. I've overlooked the Daiwa 'DF', ESP Terry Hearn and never did quite understand the Dean Macey range! I do have an original John Wilson avon quiver, but, I didn't buy it.
 I guess there's no better angler to start with than Richard Walker, I do, of course, have much respect for the man.

 I wait then, will it be a dog or a bargain? Time will tell....

Find out what Gurn bought....HERE.


  1. Let's hope it's a good 'un. My coarse rod of choice is the avon version that I have had since the sixties. Yours, if it is good, will eventually lead to you feeling utterly confident of success every time you put it together and start threading the line through its rings. That's what happens to you with these wonderful rods.

    Regular Rod

  2. Fingers crossed for you Gurn, my cane selection has grown considerably this season and I now find it difficult to contemplate the use of carbon - well, unless my shoulder aches :-) Old reels are a very different matter.

  3. Good luck with the rod hope it was as expected. As they say a little of what you fancy........!!