Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Different Day

When I woke up this morning and looked out of the window it was grey and drizzly,I can't really remember the last time I went fishing and stayed dry so I assembled the kit, filled the flask and made off to the lake.
I arrived at "Pampas Point",I call it by this name as it is planted with a large clump of Pampas Grass,no doubt it used to be in someones front garden and was "transferred" many moons ago.
I'd noticed on the journey to the lake that the river had been up in level by a couple of feet,we must have had a lot of rain in the night but the drizzle of earlier had abated and the sun was trying to show itself.There had been some run-off into the lake and parts took on a milky hue.
Confidence is something I do not lack when angling but after a couple of biteless hours on the maggot feeder and becoming ever increasingly perplexed by my lack of action,I decided to have a fling about with the lure rod.However,this came to an abrupt halt just ten minutes later when I lost the only lure I had on me!!
It's nice to see that we have a pair of Swans this year,they do seem to be the bane of the session angler but were very friendly,avoided my line and entertained the fishless hours.I've named them Vesta and Shot....should they have cygnets I will probably struggle to find anything more original to call them....maybe Upping and Sea City!!!
I also reaquainted myself with the Canada goose hoody gang and the Dark Destroyer Cormorant who seems to be a more successful fisher than I at the moment.Unfortunately,I have yet to see the Kingfishers that frequent this lake since the freeze up,I fear they may have fell prey to the icy unfishable conditions.
I made a move,I didn't think It'd do me any good but saw no point in staying exposed,even though the sun shone, a cold easterly breeze set my mind dreaming of casting to Springtime Tench with warm hands.
As I walked around I entered a part of the bankside known as The Avenue,the trees herein are a micro climate for various funghi and mosses.
I have no idea what they are called but imagine them to have fine old fashioned names like Fox Paw and Whores Arse!!
Having sat in the new swim for about an hour I saw the only Roach I was to see all day,out of the corner of my eye I noticed a flash of silver in the clear margin,a Roach of around 4oz motored toward the bank at some speed,a split-second later it was followed and engulfed by a Pike of around 10lb which promptly U-turned back to the depths.Something was feeding at least,I thought,so maybe my next visit will be for old Esox.
I packed up,left the swim and a Robin chirped away in a nearby tree;"Too late for maggots"I chirped back.
Why then was this "A Different Day"?Well I usually fish on "Choose-day",today is "When-sday" as in "When" am I going to catch another fish?!.

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