Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Just being there?

It was "Chooseday" again,so-called because I can choose to do whatever the whim dictates,when I "have my head on" it usually means I'll be sitting by some watery delight trying to extract its occupants.
The Roach in that lake had been calling me all week,so it was there I headed.
I was delighted to find the place without an another angler present,it was mine alone,hopefully all day.Along the path I trudged scattering the rabbits that abound,white tails bolting off in all directions,a solitary magpie making a noise in a nearby tree which I tried to know why.Further along the path a family of Canada Geese stood in my way like a gang of hoodies wanting to mug me,there psuedo-stubborness was just an act though and they soon scarpered as I drew close.
Here I was then,same swim,same tactics...It was blowing a North-Easterly,I was happy that for once I'd remembered gloves and hand warmers;although gloves aren't of much use to the feeder fisherman.
As I poured the first drink from my flask I noticed a very territorial Crow harrassing a Red Kite.Now ,to me, as a gent known,on occassion, to have a flutter at the track ,I was sure that my money would be on the Kite,one of Englands most majestic birds of prey and truly on the comeback trail.I'd have lost my cash...he was sent packing as the Goose gang shouted their praise for Mr.Crow from a safe distance.
It was now that it started snowing......
....slowly,to begin with,the birds knew what was coming,they had all vanished!
Within minutes I was sitting mid-blizzard with large flakes settling on my knees,I'd even remembered the umbrella but there was no point erecting it as the wind was gnawing at my face,blowing white blobs horizontally and making my eyes stream.A small unhooking mat was held on my lap for protection and insulation,my fingers the colour of roach fins.
Respite came within 20 minutes as the winterness abated and Sergeant Mallard gave the all clear for the birdlife to re-appear,alas no Kingfishers here today;I do worry about them on stillwaters in such conditions as we've had lately.
I retrieved for another cast..I'm guessing that there is a method for stopping a double maggoted hooklink turning into a prop shaft(the double maggots being the propeller) and twisting as you bring it in when not using swivels,but I'm yet to discover it.I know,I thought,I'll put a lobworm tail on.
The wind died down,the sun came out.I hadn't seen a sign of a fish,but something had;a Cormorant glided overhead,where was that Crow when you needed him.The Dark Destroyer landed on the lake and swam around for a good hour in that strange half submerged fashion,disappearing under now and again,myself hoping fat Roach wasn't on the menu.
Behind me,the rabbits were getting used to my presence and becoming slightly bolder,probably keeping one eye open for the Kite.I watched them gnawing away at the greenery out of the corner of my eye but still trying to watch the tip of the rod as well.
The day wore on,"Perhaps they want white maggots today "I thought.Another bait change,another cast...then in came the hail,like someone firing a BB gun at you 2000 times.Cold,so cold,but them fish,I soldiered on.
Some time later,as the sun appeared again a woodpecker made that call,you know the one that sounds like he's laughing at you.There comes a time when all the signs say"Go home mate"...that pesky Magpie..................I hadn't had a bite all day!!!

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