Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Wonderful Watercolour

I attended an art exhibition at Tate Britain a couple of weeks ago, and whilst there took the opportunty to peruse some of the glorious JMW Turner pieces that were left to the nation upon his death.I was delighted to stumble across the following watercolour entitled"Two Tench,a Trout and a Perch".Have you ever seen such a finer representation of our stripey friend?
Turner was himself a keen angler and I'm told he was a founder member of the elite Houghton Club in 1822 , around the date of this painting.


  1. Very nice, I thought of you today as i went to Tring museum again. They have a nice Wels there caught in 1970.

  2. Yes mate,I've seen it many times.Will hopefully have a go at catching some in the warmer months.