Thursday, 19 August 2010

Action Shots From Nashy's Church Lake

Full Story Here.


  1. WOW that looks like a Leather ?, What a great Carp, Very impressive Fishing,
    Well done,

  2. Mr. Nash certainly has some impressive Carp in his lake..I felt honoured to share some time with this wonderful fish.

  3. Nice angling Gurn, magnificent looking fish. an intersting looking tactic as well going afloat. As Derby is about as far from the sea as you can get on this island then it gets me all wobbly just the thought of it. I thought you should be wearing a blazer, deck shoes and funny hat though !!!
    Best regards, Dave.

  4. Hi Dave, such is the weed in the lake that we decided that upon hooking a fish, taking to the boat would be the best option. This proved to be a wise decision.However, The scene at times was akin to Captain Pugwash. On the subject of funny hats etc....I very rarely need an excuse to don such attire!! regards Gurn