Sunday, 22 August 2010

Lure Of The Secret Lake

As is the way with most untouched tranquil pools, there is an aire of the unknown, a mysticism. I have no idea what lurks in the weedy depths of "The Secret Lake" other than a few snippets of information reluctantly extracted from anglers who have spent time here some years back...The question I ask is "Are the fine, scaley, wood carving like beasts I've heard tale of still here?.....perhaps a 30lb Common?
  All I know is that this small pool has woven an enchanted spell upon me and I find myself wanting to spend time here....I spent last night on its banks through rain and thunder, my only reward a solitary Bream of around 6lb.The Sun came out at daybreak though and I was able to explore..I saw nor heard any sign of a Carp...I will return.


  1. Haha Whats that all about "I will return" hahaha You couldn't drag me away from there with a team of horses hahaha Cant wait for you to go again and then put another report in,
    Best of luck,

  2. Gurn, you are a lucky so and so. That pool is the stuff of dreams and worthy of some serious attention.

    If you never catch a fish there it doesn't really matter though, its just about getting to know the water and understanding some of its moods.

    All true anglers will envy you, unfortunately some would expect you to build platform pegs every five yards around the bank. Such is life.

  3. I am indeed a lucky man..I paid a visit yesterday, just to trickle a bit of bait in certain areas...I wll let you know if I see any signs of Carp.I can assure you that the platform makers and even the strimmer brigade will have to get past me first :-)