Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Return To The Secret Lake

After my recent run of blanks, it was time to get the feeder rod out, I love to catch fish of all species, and though the specimen hunter instinct sometimes blinkers my attitude, every now and again it's nice to just get a bend in the rod.
 Today I had the privelege of Lady Sarah's companionship and it was decided that we re-visit the secret lake, the scene of my recent Catfishing blank and also of my early Spring Rudd bonanza.As usual there were no other anglers..Set-up was maggots to size 16 hook with a black cap feeder.
 Of course it was raining as we arrived and the air was cool and quiet. The brolly went up for the good Lady and I sat out.
 It's incredible how quickly one loses the ability to fish a certain way with lack of practise and I probably missed the first ten bites.....too slow on the strike, the hook returning with a couple of sucked out maggots.
 Then there was the hooking up of clothing, my hand towel, shrubbery and overhead branches, "Bull in a china shop" springs to mind.
  It all came good though with bites and fish coming fast and furious, all Roach of a certain size and one rogue Rudd.
 The highlight of the day (apart from the sun finally coming out) was not a fish however, but as I sat watching the tip of my rod the good Lady whispered "Look at the other side of the lake"..there stood a Muntjack Deer that had come to the lake to quench its thirst, had I been alone I'd have missed it completely.
 Lady Sarah did take many photos of the Roach, only two were any good !....Finally,I have found something she is rubbish at!!


  1. Well done to Lady Sarah for spotting the Muntjack, And i know exactly what you mean by the Bull in the China shop haha, But it is nice to return to some basic Fishing now and then, Just puts everything back into perspective,
    Well done on your catch,

  2. Hi Paddy, It sure does...It's one of my favourite forms of fishing and I almost can't wait for the winter to get stuck into some of the monster Roach in a nearby lake..regards Gurn

  3. Hooks can find nets, clothing, foliage and many other items to become immovably fastened to, yet they slip easily from the mouths of fish! Something wrong in the design I reckon :-)

  4. You could be right there Dave...I seem fine with anything above a size 12...anything smaller though and I'm in all sorts of trouble.regards Gurn